Memories of Baku


Memories of Baku

Published by Marquand Books

Edited by Nicolas V. Iljine. Text by Fuad Akhundov, Farid Alakbarli, Farah Aliyeva, Jahangir Selimkhanov, Tadeusz Swietochowski.

Memories of Baku is the visual retelling of the rich history of the capital of Azerbaijan and the country’s rise to power as one of the largest oil producing nations in the world. This publication showcases the unique socio-economic cultural and political situation of Baku in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, presented alongside aspects of Baku culture in the forms of architecture, music, theater and the visual arts. Embellished with photographs, advertisements and postcard views of the once-opulent city,Memories of Baku reaches beyond the classical stereotypes of Azerbaijan as “the land of fire,” focusing instead on what are considered the more formative elements of Baku’s community. The postcard illustrations included in this collection are derived from the personal collection of editor Nicolas V. Iljine, who has developed a passion for discovering and sharing these impressions of an antiquated city with the public.

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